Unarmed Security Guards Services:

If your business or property requires a strong security presence, the unarmed guard services from Night Cat Protective Services is ideal for you. Our security guards obtain specialized training to ensure all security and safety protocols are met.  Our Officers adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics, ensuring professional services.  

Armed Security Guards:

Our armed security guards will provide deterrence to what would be criminals by providing an adequate show of force on your property or establishment.

Security Patrol:

If your property is in need of security but not round the clock services, a security patrol may be the next best thing. Night Cat Protective Services can inspect your property periodically to ensure it remains safe and secure. Our trained security personnel can provide spot-checking services such as checking entryways and removing any trespassers and loiterers from the premises. All patrol services are performed at different times, making it difficult for would-be criminals to predict when our guards will arrive on the property. We offer different types of patrols, such as:

  • Vehicle Patrols: Our armed and unarmed security guards will patrol your property periodically as they visit other properties in the area, driving through the property in random patterns. As always, they’ll be in uniform, providing a visible presence in the area to help deter trespassers on your property, minimizing the risk of break-ins, vandalism, and other security issues. Should the need arise, patrol personnel will coordinate with local law enforcement.


  • Foot Patrols: Foot patrol guards are equipped to perform a variety of integral security services safeguarding your business or property from the inside out. Foot patrol services enable security personnel to interact more with staff, residents, guest and/or visitors, providing an added sense of comfort, ensuring office spaces are secure and locked checking windows, doors, locks, vehicles, illegally parked vehicles, fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, lights, ceiling fans, pipes for breaks, water leaks or other abnormalities and other locations as specified.  Our Officers will be able to recognize any safety or maintenance issues and notify the right staff to ensure they’re dealt with accordingly.

We provide 24-hour dispatch, to help keep track of our Officers and their patrols. Its quicker and more cost efficient when it comes down to safety. In need of a security officer no problem, we are able to dispatch an officer to your location with rapid response. Every Officer is outfitted with a state-of-the-art digital radio system, with GPS equipment that tracks our vehicles and ensures the fastest possible response times from the closest units. GPS technology is used to track the movements of our Officers while they’re on post, making certain they’re precisely where they’re supposed to be.

If you believe your property is under threat or simply want to provide some added peace of mind, call Night Cat Protective Services at (678) 996-6988 or contact us online.