Night Cat Protective Services is a state certified, insured, and bonded security company. All employees are certified and licensed with accordance of state law. All Officers undergo an extensive background check and a variety of different classes to help mold our Officers into some of the best in the State of Georgia.
Night Cat Protective Services also offers Off duty Police Officers.
Our Officers are professional, well qualified, well equipped, and well trained for the services they provide. We also employ Officers with prior military and law enforcement backgrounds, greatly reducing the chance of any liability incidents occurring.
Night Cat Protective Services is a leading provider of private security services that is more than capable of providing services to all types of properties to include but not limited:
  • Shopping Centers
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Apartment Communities
  • Gated Communities
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Fire Watch
  • Government facilities
  • Constructions Sites
  • Hotels
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Warehouses or Special Facilities
  • Movie set and Film Location Security
We create value:
  • Identifying security hazards and helping create an action plan
  • Protecting your property during non-business hours and holidays
  • Allowing you to concentrate in the core of your business
  • Enhancing your image and reputation
If you have any questions regarding our company or the services that we provide, feel free to contact us through the contact us page within this website.